Sunday, February 26, 2012

4 days and counting....

I cannot believe how close we really are! 6am Thursday morning we will be on our way to Detroit where we will have a 6 hour layover (UGH!) and then we are off on our 16 hour flight to Hong Kong. PRAYERS PLEASE!!! We will arrive there at 8:45pm on Friday, spend the night and take a train to Goungzhou Saturday, March 3, where we will stay the remainder of the trip. We will be taking the same route back in and arrive in Sweet HOME Alabama at 4:30pm on Friday March 16. I am tired just thinking about it. I feel as prepared as I am going to be. It has taken weeks to plan/pack for this trip. I have had to think out every possible scenario in my head. I have packed enough medicine and food to take care of a small army! Stephen laughs at me, but hey, he will be thanking me when we are stuck in the room with 3 kiddos on what appears to be quite a rainy trip. Looking at the next 10 days in Guangzhou, 9 out of 10 of them are rainy!!!

Sarah Grace and Jacob seem to have a grasp on what will go on. We have talked to them about the whys and whats for a couple of years now. They get it about as much as a 6 and 4 year old could, I guess. Please pray for them, as what lies ahead could be scary at times. Please pray that they will feel safe, loved, secure and pray that they would be okay with sharing some of the attention.

As for Hannah, pray for that moment that she leaves her nannies arms and is placed in ours (Monday, March 5). How scary that will be for her. Please pray for a smooth transition and supernatural comfort and healing of her greiving heart. Poor baby has been through a lot in her short 18 months of life. Pray that she would be able to fully trust that Stephen and I will love her unconditionally and take care of all her needs, forever.

Lastly, please pray for wisdom for Stephen and I. Decision making is tough as a parent. These little ones rely on us. Pray that we would seek God in every decision made, down to every tiny detail. Pray for God's hedge of protection around Hannah, Jacob, Sarah Grace, Stephen, Mom and me. My mom is stepping way out of her comfort zone traveling to the other side of the world to many unknowns. Please pray that she would feel God's presence at every turn. Pray for good health (SG and Jacob have this cough that they cannot shake and it is making me a bit nervous), and just a fun time! I am overjoyed that we can take this trip as a family:)

I have an incredible group of friends and family! Thank you all for your overwhelming support and prayers. Keep it coming, as this journey is just beginning! Thank you for loving us! We love you all very much!

Praise Him through whom all blessing flow!! And to God be all the honor and glory and praise!!!


Thursday, February 16, 2012

It's time!!!

After a long 22 months it is finally time to bring our daughter home! Two weeks from today we will be on an airplane bound for China! Hannah's bag is packed and her room is ready. We are coming, sweet girl, coming to bring you HOME!

More details to come!