Saturday, March 10, 2012

A little more about Hannah

I thought I would share some more details about Hannah. She is a little bitty thing. At the clinic today she weighed in at 18lbs and is 29 inches tall. She turned 19 months on the 8th. We have so enjoyed getting to know our new daughter. I am amazed at the connection and bond that is being formed each minute. She is getting more and more comfortable with all of us. She warmed up to the kids slower than I expected, but after two full days with both of them she will now play and interact with them. We had some sweet moments as a family of five last night while grandma was recovering. Hannah let Stephen bathe and dress her. After bath time we played then watched American Idol. It felt a little like home. She is very playful and has a sweet, shy demeanor. She has a smile and laugh that will melt your heart. I know that it was very difficult for her birth mother and nannies to say bye to her. I am thankful that her birth mother had the strength and courage to let her go in hopes of a better life for her. Whatever the reason, I am sure it is something she thinks of daily. I pray that God gives her a peace in her heart that Hannah is well taken care of and loved dearly.
She loves to snuggle up to me when she wakes up and when we are out of her safe zone of our room. She LOVES being in the ergo. She will look up at me with sweet grins and pat my chest. Sleep time is very hard for her. She really fights going to sleep. Please pray that she would have peace and rest and that her fear and anxiety would quickly pass.
We had her medical exam this morning and she was not a happy camper when I had to pass her off to different people. This is a good sign though. It makes me happy to see her so eager to get back in her mama's arms.

We hung out in the room the rest of the day. At this point we are all home sick and going stir crazy! We decided to venture out to the local Irish Pub ( no kidding!). It is so hard to find descent food! We later met up with our friends from B'ham and went to Hagen Daz. We had a lot of fun! It was the most I have laughed since we have been here.
Tomorrow is shopping day, yippee!!

Enjoy the pics....

Chowing down! Oh, I forgot to mention, the girls LOVES to eat! Not picky at all!

This was from sightseeing the other day. SG and Jacob and another little girl in our group.

Laughing at her big brother.

Medical exam:(

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